Professionally painted horse pictures and horse portraits

The artist Don offers professionally painted horse pictures and horse portraits. The artist paints freely marketable pictures as well as horse pictures and horse portraits on commission from photographs. She focuses on the unique character of a horse. She reproduces it true to life in her works of art.

Don’s preferred techniques are pastels and oil on canvas.

Horse paintings and horse portraits – what is the difference?

Don´s traditional Horse portraits are focused on portraying the unique personality. Such a portrait is especially for someone who has a connection to this personality of great importance and beauty. It is different with horse paintings that Don calls equinART.

Don’s professionally painted horse pictures equinART, on the other hand, are artistically designed. The refined composition of the picture draws the viewer’s attention and makes it easy for him to see and feel the magic of a horse even if it is a stranger to him.

EquinART turns your horse into a work of art!

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