To paint a hyperrealistic picture takes a lot of time. The price of a painting is therefore primarily based on the size of the hyperealistically worked out area (for example: only face or head and neck). For this reason, I make a non-binding and free offer for each picture. To give you an idea of the prices you will find some examples in the description of the techniques.

Prices for equinART

Each Equinart painting is a true work of art, creative and unique. From the initial idea to the finished picture, such paintings take much more time and require a higher level of artistic skill than a simple portrait. For this reason, equinART prices are higher than for portraits.

If you would like a quote or have any questions please send me an email. I would also be happy to advise you personally. (Phone: +49 8734 9377753)


Description of techniques & prices

Oil on canvas

Oil is a very old and complex technique that requires a lot of skill and time. It impresses with its lasting colour brilliance and outstanding picture depth. In addition, the oil technique offers the possibility to paint soft transitions and finest details hyper realistically. A further advantage is the large selection of formats and sizes. Since the canvas must always be painted completely, the technique is best suited for pictures where a background is desired.
The 2cm or 4cm thick canvases are painted overleaf and can be hung without frames!

Pricing for equinART

40×50cm from 2000.- €
50×70cm from 2900.- €
60×80cm from 4100.- €

Pricing for portraits

colored black&white
40×50cm from 1500.- € from 1000.-€
50×70cm from 2200.- € from 1500.-€
60×80cm from 3100.- € from 1950.-€

Pastel chalk

The pictures drawn with pastel chalk combine the characteristics of oil and charcoal paintings. They have soft, seamless transitions, as found in the charcoal technique, and bright colors, similar to an oil portrait. Hair and fur can be depicted in great detail with pastel chalk. The colour of the paper can be included in the design. For optimal protection during transport, the painting is sent with a glass frame and passepartout.

Pricing for portraits

40×50 cm
from 600.- €
50×70 cm
from 1000.- €
70×100 cm
from 1500.- €

pricing for EquinART

40×50cm from 1100.- €
50×70cm from 1700.- €
70×100cm from 2400.- €

Coal and white chalk

This mixed technique of charcoal and white chalk impresses with its lightness. This is achieved by the gentle, transparent application of the colours. The contrast of black and white and the mixture of soft transitions and fine details create a hyper-realistic result. The mood of the black and white portrait can be influenced by choosing a coloured paper.

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