My approach to portraits and equinART

In the portraits as well as in equinART, the art with horses, I am primarily interested in portraying a personality and the mood she is in on the original photo. On my picture it should be visible and above all tangible for the viewer.

This works best when I put myself in the living being’s place and feel what it feels while I paint. Although I paint in a hyper-realistic way, it is mainly this feeling put down on paper and not only the lifelike optical details that make my paintings so vivid.

What is the difference between Potraits and equinART ?

A traditional portrait has above all the aim to reflect a personality. It is of special importance and beauty for someone who has a connection to the painted personality. It is a wonderful window to the feelings and memories one associates with this beloved being. This is also true for my portraits.

Most of the portraits are painted on a plain or very simple background and they reflect the personality in the first place. Their creative part is therefore rather small.

Compared to the portrait, EquinART is art with a very high creative content. The composition of the picture, which is adapted to the horse/animal, transforms the personality itself into a work of art of timeless beauty. It makes it easy for the viewer to see and feel the magic of a being unknown to him. In addition, the artistic design creates a space where the mind can move and roam freely, where one finds the simple background of a portrait. This space makes the pictures easy and pleasant to look at.

More about EquinART and Portraits

The horse as a work of art

The horse has been a faithful companion of man for thousands of years. It is loved for its strength and endurance as well as for its character. Because of its grace and unique charisma it has also found its place in renowned art.

For me, horses are living works of art created by nature. The harmonious physique, the dynamics of movement and the special nature of horses are a source of constant fascination and inspiration to me.


In comparison to a portrait, the aim here is to show more than just the personality.

In creating my timelessly beautiful works of art, I follow the rules of aesthetics. The entire design, the choice of colours and background as well as the mixture of photorealistic and sketchy areas have only one aim, they are meant to emphasize the individual advantages, the dynamics and the charisma of the horse. This unique design subtly directs attention to specific areas of the painting that Don wants to highlight. The beauty of the horse as well as the dynamics of its movement becomes obvious to the observer in this way.
Following the rules of design and depicted with the highest precision, works of timeless beauty and elegance are created. They raise the horse itself to a work of art

Your horse as a work of art

EquinART is not only free art, you can also commission a picture of your horse. The artistic design will not only please you, it will also fascinate people who have no connection to your horse.

Vorher-nachher 3
Vorher-nachher 1

Don’s portraits show a living being as it really is…unique.

The purely optical uniqueness of each being is not only based on features like face shape and hair or coat colour. It is also the individual way in which feelings influence and shape his face. In humans, for example, it is the laughter lines.

It is important to me to reproduce this uniqueness as exactly and vividly as possible. For the faithful reproduction of the smallest details that make up the unique appearance, the sophisticated technique is of great use to me. However, it is not sufficient for the reproduction of emotions. The best way to achieve this is to put myself in the living being’s place and feel what it feels while painting. This is a wonderful state and allows me to paint portraits that manage to touch the heart of the viewer.

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