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Coal and white chalk

A mixed technique of coal and white chalk captivates with its lightness. This comes from applying the colors gently and transparently. The contrast of black and white and the mixture of soft transitions and fine detail create a photorealistic result.

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Pastel chalk

Portraits done with pastel chalk combine the characteristics of oil and coal portraits. The have soft, seamless transitions that can be found in the coal technique and brilliant colors similar to an oil portrait. Hair and fur can be depicted in strong detail with pastel chalk. The color of the paper can be chosen to reinforce the color of the model or to create a certain mood. Yellow ,for example, creates a happy sunny mood while blue has a more dreamy and quiet quality.



Oil is a very old and elaborate technique that requires a lot of skill and time. It captivates with it permanent color brilliance shows does not reflect. It offers the possibility to reproduce soft transitions and finest details in a photorealistic manner. A further advantage is the vast selection of formats and sizes.

Portraits with overleaf painted borders (2cm or 4cm) can be wall mounted without framing!

Oil paintings are excellent for inventive and artistic portraits, as the background can be fashioned according to taste and does not have to correspond with the photo reference.

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The design and layout can influence the character of a portrait very strongly. The price for the background and special designs depends on its complexity and is calculated individually. A simple background like smoke would cost about 15% while a more complex background (like a landscape rich in details) make up to 50% of the portrait price.

Portrait with background

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Portrait without background