Portait painting – The most personal form of art.

Would you like to have a portrait drawn that shows the true nature animal? A portrait that not only shows the face but also the personality in a lifelike fashion?    –   Then you are at the right place!

The commissioned portraits of the artist Don are distinguished by their outstanding quality. The lifelike, authentic work of art is more than just a wall decoration. It is the prospect of always having a loved one near you. Because each portrait is unique, as unique as the personality portrayed, it is an individual gift for special occasions.

She sought-after portraits can be delivered in different formats and implementations. Pastel, charcoal and oilportraits are very popular options.

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The personality of a being as an artwork

Don has always been fascinated by how feelings are expressed in faces and and how they change them. One can see this very well in the faces of children and animals that show their emotions openly and without restraint. By analyzing the traces emotions leave in a face over time, the trained eye can draw conclusions about the unique character.

The subtleties, that make a face unique, are the focus of an authentic portrait.

To reproduce the expression unbiased, a photo reference is used for every portrait. That is the only way the expression of a real emotion can be studied and represented in a lifelike fashion.
The affection Don has for all living beings and the joy of drawing give her give the portrait extra brilliance and make them very lively.