Step-by-Step order transaction

  1. Send a reference ⁃ Send an email (or letter) with your wishes (eg size, technique, paper color). Please attach a photo that should be the reference for the portrait ⁃ I am more than happy to provide you advice and guide you through the process of choosing the right technique, format and medium for your portrait ⁃ To be sure the picture is in compliance with your wishes I will contact you to discuss all the details
  2.  Confirm the estimate and commission the work ⁃ You will receive a nonbonding estimate ⁃ After confirming the estimate the fulfillment time usually takes 6-10 weeks
  3.  Payment and delivery ⁃ As soon as the portrait is done I will send you a photo of your painting and a invoice ⁃ Payment is possible per bank transaction, cash on delivery
    and PayPal ⁃ When payment is done I will deliver the carefully packed portrait

Send a email:

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