The peak of perfection in equine art

The horse has been a companion to humans for thousands of years. It is prized for its endurance and power. Its grace and unique aura have also found it a place in famous artworks.

The horse’s harmonious physique, the dynamic of its movements and the essence particular to horses are a source of constant fascination to artist Don. Which is why she has devoted herself to painting these wonderful animals.

In Don’s eyes, horses are graceful and perfect works of art created by nature. Which is the way she wishes to portray them in her art. Through the design of the background and the sensitive coordination of colours in her works, she turns the horse into a masterpiece. By portraying them with the utmost precision, she reflects not only the look but also the aura of each individual horse.

All this comes together to make Don’s equine art a unique masterpiece of timeless beauty and elegance.
Lipizaner Hengst KL-Siglavy Pastime-88


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