My approach to portraits and equinART

In the portraits as well as in equinART, the art with horses, I am primarily interested in portraying a personality and the mood she is in on the original photo. On my picture it should be visible and above all tangible for the viewer.

This works best when I put myself in the living being’s place and feel what it feels while I paint. Although I paint in a hyper-realistic way, it is mainly this feeling put down on paper and not only the lifelike optical details that make my paintings so vivid.

What is the difference between Potraits and equinART ?

A traditional portrait has above all the aim to reflect a personality. It is of special importance and beauty for someone who has a connection to the painted personality. It is a wonderful window to the feelings and memories one associates with this beloved being. This is also true for my portraits.

Most of the portraits are painted on a plain or very simple background and they reflect the personality in the first place. Their creative part is therefore rather small.


Compared to the portrait, EquinART is art with a very high creative content. The composition of the picture, which is adapted to the horse/animal, transforms the personality itself into a work of art of timeless beauty. It makes it easy for the viewer to see and feel the magic of a being unknown to him. In addition, the artistic design creates a space where the mind can move and roam freely, where one finds the simple background of a portrait. This space makes the pictures easy and pleasant to look at.

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